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Fort Lauderdale Modification & Enforcement Lawyer

When you go through a divorce or another contentious family law matter, it can be a great relief for the case to be finalized. Indeed, once a divorce is finalized and parents have a Parenting Plan in place and understand their child support obligations, the prospect of returning to court in the near future can feel daunting. However, changes in a party’s life circumstances can occur even with the best planning, and it may become necessary to seek a modification of a divorce or other family law order. At the same time, although it would be easiest for all parties involved in a family law case if everyone upheld their duties and responsibilities according to a court order, it can become necessary for one of the parties to ask a court to enforce a support or child custody order, for example.

When you require assistance with a family law modification or enforcement issue, an experienced Fort Lauderdale modification & enforcement lawyer at our firm can assist you.

Reasons to Modify a Family Law Order

Nobody wants to have to modify an existing court order. The process can be complicated and lengthy, and the party seeking the modification should be prepared to provide evidence demonstrating that the modification is necessary. In general, when a party wants to modify an existing family law order—such as an alimony order, Parenting Plan, or child support order—that person will need to show that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. A substantial change in circumstances can refer to many different planned and unexpected occurrences.

What constitutes a substantial change in circumstances? The answer to that question will likely depend upon the type of order that one of the parties is seeking to modify. For example, when it comes to alimony under Florida law, a substantial change in circumstances could include:

  • Spouse paying alimony loses his or her job, or is required to take a pay cut at work;
  • Spouse receiving alimony enters into a committed relationship with another party who is providing support; or
  • Spouse paying alimony has become injured or disabled.

In cases involving minor children, such as child custody orders or Parenting Plan modification requests, a substantial change in circumstances could include, for instance:

  • Parent needs to take a job in another city or state;
  • Parent loses his or her job or is required to take a pay cut;
  • Parent suffers an injury or becomes disabled; or
  • Parent is convicted of domestic violence or other violent crime.

Enforcement in Fort Lauderdale

Florida law allows for a variety of enforcement mechanisms when a party violates a court order. In most cases, violation of support orders can result in the non-paying party being held in contempt of court, along with options for garnishing wages to make support payments.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Modification and Enforcement Attorney 

Our Fort Lauderdale modification and enforcement attorneys know how important it is to be able to count on an existing court order, and to be able to seek a modification when a substantial change in circumstances occurs. If you have questions or need help with your case, an attorney at our firm can talk with you about options. Contact The Law Offices of Caroline Olson, P.A. today.

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