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Fort Lauderdale Mediation

Family law cases in Fort Lauderdale can be emotional and difficult, even if the parties want to find a way to reach an agreement. In divorce cases, spouses should know that uncontested divorces in which the parties agree to all aspects of the divorce tend to be quicker and more cost-effective than contested divorces in which a judge will need to make a decision about how to divide marital property, for example. Similarly, in cases involving child custody or time-sharing, parents can have much more control and flexibility if they are willing to work toward an agreement about parenting and time-sharing. Yet if the parties do not begin from a place of agreement, how can they get there?

This is where family law mediation can become extremely important. A mediation lawyer can help you get started.

How Mediation Works in Fort Lauderdale

Mediation is a process in which parties that cannot reach an agreement about an issue can discuss and negotiate with the help of a neutral third-party known as a mediator. You should know that mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution, and it can allow parties to avoid a lengthy and expensive courtroom battle over a family law issue.

Under Florida law, parties in a family law case can elect mediation in order to reach an agreement, for example, about an uncontested divorce or a Parenting Plan. In other situations, parties can be required to attend court-ordered mediation. Generally speaking, court-ordered mediation can occur in family law cases involving custody, visitation, and other parental responsibility issues. However, the court will not refer any family law case to mediation if one of the parties make a request to avoid mediation due to a history of domestic violence. 

Why Choose Fort Lauderdale Mediation?

There are many reasons to choose mediation for a family law case. It often involves one or two sessions with a mediator, and it ultimately can allow the parties to reach a negotiated agreement so that the court does not have to resolve their family law dispute. As such, mediation tends to cost much less and to take much less time than going before a judge to have the same dispute resolved.

In addition, there are other benefits of mediation. Since the parties must engage in dialogue to resolve the dispute, they often develop more effective communication strategies and tools, which can be particularly helpful to parents who will be sharing parental responsibilities for minor children. Mediation is also private, so parties do not have to be concerned about issues that come up in a mediation session becoming public record.

Learn More from a Fort Lauderdale Mediation Attorney

Do you have questions about how mediation could be beneficial in your case? Or do you have concerns about court-ordered mediation for child custody issues? One of the experienced Fort Lauderdale mediation attorneys at our firm can speak with you today. Contact The Law Offices of Caroline Olson, P.A. for more information about the services we provide in Florida family law cases.

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