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In any divorce where there are minor children, the judge will implement a court order requiring one parent to pay child support to the other according to the guidelines established under Florida law. Whether you are the parent paying or receiving child support, Jupiter child support lawyer Caroline R. Olson can ensure that the amount of child support is calculated correctly and argue on your behalf regarding any deviation from the guidelines requested by either party. Learn more about child support below, and contact Caroline R. Olson, P.A., at our offices in Jupiter or Boca Raton for help with child support in your Florida divorce.

How do the Florida child support guidelines work?

The guidelines set out a formula for creating the presumptive amount of child support owed by the parents. The main elements which factor into this formula are:

  • The gross incomes of each parent
  • The number of children who need to be supported
  • The percentage of time the children spend with each parent (timesharing)
  • Healthcare costs related to the children
  • Expenses for daycare or aftercare

Caroline Olson, P.A., can help ensure all income and expenses are reported correctly. The guidelines consider income from every conceivable source, some of which can be complex and hard to determine. For instance, income includes revenue gained from owning a business, self-employed income which is generally self-reported, and interest or rental income derived from many different kinds of investments. We can help you compile your information correctly and also make sure your spouse is not negligently failing to report assets or intentionally hiding assets or underreporting income.

When can you deviate from the Florida child support guidelines?

The amount calculated with the guidelines is presumed to be the correct amount, but the law allows deviations from the guidelines for good cause. According to Florida statutes 61.30, the judge is allowed to deviate from the guidelines by up to five percent in either direction after considering “all relevant factors,” including:

  • The needs of the children
  • Their ages
  • Their station in life
  • Their standard of living
  • The financial status and ability of each parent

Additionally, the court can deviate from the guidelines by even more than five percent, provided the judge details in writing why ruling otherwise would be unjust or inappropriate. Some of the most common reasons for deviating from the guidelines are:

  • Extraordinary expenses required to care for the child
  • Independent sources of income that the child has
  • Seasonal variations in income or expenses of either parent
  • The age of the child
  • Special needs associated with a disability
  • The impact of taxes on child support
  • The parenting plan and timesharing schedule

If one parent is requesting a deviation from the guidelines that is opposed by the other parent, both parties will need to build their case and present compelling arguments to the court based on the facts and the law. Jupiter and Boca Raton family lawyer Caroline R. Olson will take the time to understand your needs and your children’s needs and will mount a strong argument in court to make sure the final child support order meets those needs.

Call Your Jupiter Child Support Lawyer Today

For help with child support in your Florida divorce, call Caroline Olson, P.A., at 561-288-0548. With offices in Jupiter and Boca Raton, we serve clients throughout Palm Beach County.

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