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Jupiter Divorce Lawyer

You deserve to live the life you want

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful events of your life. Things can become particularly tense when you and your spouse can’t seem to agree on any of the terms of your split. Having an experienced divorce attorney by your side throughout the process can help to make your life easier. Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, complex or straightforward, or you decide to separate rather than divorce, The Law Offices of Caroline Olson, P.A., with over twenty years of experience in Marital and Family Law, will strongly represent your interests in vital issues such as the custody of your children, the payment of support, and the division of property. If you are considering filing for divorce or your spouse has already filed, call our Jupiter divorce lawyer to get a result that meets critical needs for you and your family.

Grounds for Divorce

There are two very important issues that must be addressed before you file your request to get divorced in Florida: residency and reason. A resident of the State of Florida for at least six months prior to filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage who alleges that the marriage is irretrievably broken may file. Florida is what is known as a “no-fault” state. This simply means that one spouse doesn’t have to shoulder the blame for why the marriage didn’t work out. Spouses simply have to explain that the marriage can’t continue because of irreconcilable differences.

Discretion is important

The records of divorce are typically public. However, at the Law Offices of Caroline Olson, P.A., we understand that you may not want the details of your divorce out in the open. There are certain ways that we can help you to keep the terms of your split private.

The Process

Divorce is the formal process of ending a legal marriage. The process begins when one spouse (the petitioner) files a request to dissolve the marriage with a local court. This request must also be formally served to the other spouse (the respondent).

Once the paperwork has been filed, the spouses must get to work on hammering out the details of the divorce. This will include figuring out how property should be divided, who will get custody of the kids, and whether one spouse will receive financial support. The divorce cannot be finalized until all of these (and other) loose ends are resolved.

Spouses are encouraged to figure out the details of the divorce on their own without the help of a judge. Once a dispute goes to court, spouses lose control over the situation. Judges will review the disputes and make a decision that they deem to be most appropriate. Part of getting a divorce is figuring out how to dissolve all aspects of your marriage and begin life as a single person. Navigating all of the decisions you will have to make can be overwhelming. The process can be particularly tough if you and your spouse can’t agree on important decisions. Fortunately, there are certain devices that can help you through the process.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a great tool if you think you and your spouse can eventually see eye to eye on important decisions. This process uses the help of a neutral third party known as a mediator. The mediator helps to facilitate productive conversations about what each spouse wants to get out of the divorce. Ideally, the mediator helps each spouse see the bigger picture and work toward finding mutually-agreeable decisions. Once spouses have agreed on the terms of the divorce, the mediator will draw up a formal contract. Once signed, the spouses are bound to its terms. Mediation is a great tool because spouses retain the power to make important decisions.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce uses the expertise of attorneys to help spouses resolve conflicts and settle on mutually-agreeable terms. The process requires that each spouse is represented by an attorney and commits to settling all divorce-related disputes without the help of a court. Using collaborative divorce allows spouses to maintain control over all decisions that are made. If the process is unsuccessful, the spouses will have to hire new attorneys and start the process of getting a divorce all over again.

Contested Divorce

A divorce is contested when the spouses don’t agree on how to resolve one or more issues in their divorce. Typically, issues over which spouses might disagree include:

  • Parenting & Timesharing
  • Child Support
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Alimony

Just because a divorce is contested, that doesn’t mean you are destined for a knock-down-drag-out fight in court. Contested matters can still be resolved civilly, if not amicably, even during litigation. Whether the issues in your divorce can be settled outside the courtroom or require a hearing before the judge to resolve, our Jupiter and Boca Raton law firm provides skilled, knowledgeable and effective advocacy to get the results you most desire.

Uncontested Divorce

When issues in the divorce are agreed upon, the parties can jointly draft a marital settlement agreement setting out how they will deal with matters such as parenting & timesharing, child support, the property division and alimony. Once finished, the parties submit their agreement to the judge, who reviews it to make sure it is fair and complete. In an uncontested divorce, a judge will review the request to dissolve the marriage and the parties’ settlement. As long as all required steps have been completed, he or she will enter a final judgment. The final judgment will “restore the parties to the state of unmarried persons.” In other words, once the final judgment is signed you will be single again. Your marriage will officially be over. When the judge grants the dissolution of marriage, the marital settlement agreement gets incorporated into the divorce, and its terms are enforceable.

Our Jupiter and Boca Raton divorce lawyer can help you draft or review your marital settlement agreement. Legal assistance can prove very valuable, especially if you need to create a parenting plan as part of your agreement. The more detailed your parenting plan and settlement agreement, the less likely it is that disputes will arise later on because matters were excluded or not properly addressed. We can help make sure your agreement is legally sound and properly addresses all applicable matters. In addition, as an experienced family law mediator trained and skilled to facilitating conflict resolution, attorney Caroline R. Olson offers a calm, rational voice to guide you through otherwise difficult or emotional issues, helping to keep the process on track and prevent an uncontested divorce from becoming contested.


Sometimes, couples choose to live apart temporarily or permanently but without dissolving the marriage. Also, one or both partners might want to leave the door open for a possible reconciliation and feel like officially ending the marriage would send the wrong signal or make it harder to get back together.

Florida law does not recognize a legal status of “legally separated” or provide any legal process for obtaining a separation. However, you still can and should get official orders defining certain aspects of the relationship, especially if you share children together or one of you needs financial support from the other.

Florida Statutes section 61.10 addresses how courts should approach obligations to pay spousal maintenance or child support without dissolving the marriage. Under this law, a spouse who is residing apart from his or her partner can seek orders, regardless of fault, for spousal maintenance or child support. In such a proceeding, the court decides support issues and also establishes a parenting plan covering parental responsibility and timesharing.

Caroline Olson, P.A., can help you prepare or respond to a motion in court to obtain appropriate court orders regarding custody and support. We’ll work with you and your spouse to create fair and workable orders for the court’s approval, so you can be sure your needs are met and rights protected.

Call Jupiter Divorce Lawyer Caroline R. Olson, Esquire

Our Jupiter divorce lawyers are here to help you through this difficult time. We want to help you identify what you want to get out of your divorce and fight to realize those results. The next step in your life begins today.

We are at your service at the Law Offices of Caroline Olson, P.A., known for our reliable and careful attention to your needs and to your case, safeguarding your privacy and dignity as we support you through the divorce process and back to the prosperity of your life and future. Contact us to set up a free initial consultation at 561-288-0548.

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