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Jupiter Paternity Lawyer

There are a lot of benefits to establishing paternity of a child. It can, for instance, provide a child with valuable information about any family history of certain medical conditions, besides giving the parties a chance to develop a meaningful bond. There are also financial benefits for the child, including health insurance and child support. Establishing paternity can, however, be complicated, especially if one of the parties is resistant, so if you need help establishing paternity of your child, consider reaching out to an experienced Jupiter paternity lawyer for help.

Voluntarily Acknowledging Paternity

In Florida, there are actually a few ways to establish paternity. If, for instance, two parents are married at the time of the child’s birth, then paternity is automatically presumed. If, on the other hand, the parents are unmarried, but the father is present at the time of a child’s birth, then he can sign a Paternity Acknowledgment form at the hospital, thereby establishing paternity. This, however, is not an option if the child’s mother is married to someone else at the time of the birth.

If the parties later decide to marry, then paternity can also be established when applying for a marriage license. Finally, after a child’s birth, and any time until that child turns 18 years old, his or her parents can voluntarily establish paternity by filling out and signing the Acknowledgement of Paternity form in the presence of two witnesses or a notary public. Once the form has been completed and mailed to the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics, the agency will change the child’s birth certificate.

Legal Proceedings in Court

It’s also possible to establish paternity by filing a civil action in court, an option that is usually chosen when one of the parents denies paternity. Both parents will be required to attend a court hearing, where the judge will order a genetic test. Based on the results of this test, the judge will either establish paternity or relieve the alleged father of responsibility for the child. If paternity is confirmed, then the court will create a visitation schedule and order child support.

The Child Support Program

It is also possible to establish paternity with the help of the Child Support Program, which doesn’t necessitate going to court. In these cases, the child’s mother, the alleged father, and the child him or herself will need to provide genetic samples. If the test proves that a man is the child’s biological father, then the agency will issue an Administrative Order of Paternity and ask the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics to add the father’s name to the child’s birth certificate. The agency will then begin pursuing child support from the father.

Contact Experienced Paternity Lawyer Caroline Olson, P.A. Today

Once paternity of a child has been established, the father will gain the right to visitation and may also be required to pay child support. For help with any of these issues, call dedicated Jupiter paternity lawyer Caroline Olson, P.A. at 561-288-0548 today.

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