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Top Five Signs Of PAS


Divorce strains a parent-child emotional connection. Alienation Syndrome is unnatural and permanent. If an alienating parent drives an emotional wedge between the targeted parent and a child, the emotional damage seldom goes away, at least as long as the child lives with the alienating parent.

Because so much is at stake, if you see the signs of PAS, a Jupiter child custody attorney can take immediate action. The nature of this action varies in different cases. Often a simple cease-and-desist demand letter is sufficient. Other times, a Jupiter family law attorney needs to file a motion to modify and/or enforce the decree. Several effective options are available, if the targeted parent acts promptly.

Harmful Parenting Practices

Many alienating parents use children as emotional confidants. That approach draws children to alienating parents and moves them away from targeted parents.

Harmful parenting practices often lead to disruptive child behavior.

Name-Calling and Criticism

At one time or another, most of us say things we regret. So, an occasional outburst might not be a concern. However, a pattern of such conduct, especially an escalating pattern, is different.

Weak Rationalizations

Parrots don’t have any rational basis for the things they repeat. Likewise, PAS children have no rational basis for their anger and criticism. They’re only repeating what the alienating parent says in private.

Independent Insistence

The guilty dog barks first and loudest. PAS children have no rational basis for their behavior, but they insist the opposite is true. They claim their opinions are their own, even if there’s clear evidence to the contrary, like the child is repeating an alienating parent’s social media post.

No Guilt or Ambivalence

When most people say hurtful things, they feel at least a little guilty. But PAS children don’t feel at all guilty when they denigrate targeted parents. In their minds, they’re just fulfilling the alienating parent’s wishes. Additionally, PAS children perceive alienating parents as 100 percent good and targeted parents as 100 percent bad. Therefore, they support the preferred parent over the non-preferred parent, regardless of the issue.

Significantly, all these misbehaviors are not the child’s fault. The alienating parent’s misconduct is usually the sole cause of the child’s misconduct.

 Count on a Hard-Working Palm Beach County Lawyer

Divorce and related matters almost always involve financial and emotional issues. For a free consultation with an experienced Jupiter family law attorney, contact Caroline Olson, P.A. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we start fighting for you.

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